What height should your countertops be? While this is a question you may not have thought about, it’s definitely a good one to consider. Different types of countertops are more useful at different heights. Thinking about what types of countertops you have and what you’ll be using them for should help you decide on an acceptable height. Whether your countertops are in the kitchen, bathroom, office room, or some other part of the house, you can customize their heights in order to make your life more convenient. 

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Different functions for different countertops

Most people have countertops in their kitchens and bathrooms. Some homeowners enjoy stone countertops so much that they also install them in office rooms or other areas of the house. Obviously, countertops have different functions in different parts of the house. So, determining the correct height for each countertop is an important aspect of getting everything just right. Here, we’re going to talk about kitchen, bathroom, and office room countertops. 

Kitchen islands and countertops

Meal prep, kids’ crafts, a place to sit and chat with a friend…these are all important functions of a kitchen island or countertop. So, what height do your kitchen countertops need to be to meet all these requirements? A kitchen island should usually be either 36 or 42 inches tall. Thirty-six inches is a fairly standard height that should meet all your needs, while 42 inches is a good idea if you’re planning to use your island as a kitchen table. 

Meanwhile, a kitchen countertop should generally be about 36 inches high. This will provide a functional worktop that’s easy for most homeowners to use. 

Bathroom countertops 

Bathroom countertops are generally shorter than those found in the kitchen. In the bathroom, a 30-32 inch countertop is fairly standard. However, some homeowners prefer a taller countertop for increased comfort. If that’s the case, a bathroom countertop can be closer to standard kitchen countertop heights—36-42 inches. 

Office desk countertops

Office desks and countertops

This one is a little different because most people choose an office desk that’s best for their individual height. However, on average, office desks are about 29 inches tall. So, if you’re looking for a desk that’s fairly average in size, its surface will probably be about 29 inches from the ground. Of course, this is highly subjective since you may be looking for something shorter or taller than 29 inches based on your height. 

A few special exceptions

What if your whole family is around 6’5”? Or what if you have a family member who’s in a wheelchair? Not to worry—you can always have your countertops built to special standards to help your life run smoothly. 

Wheelchair accessibility

To allow someone in a wheelchair to comfortably access a countertop, the countertop should be about 30-32 inches from the ground. In addition, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room in the area beneath the countertop for someone in a wheelchair to come right up to the countertops. Otherwise, they won’t be able to use them effectively. 

“Tall” countertops

“Tall genes,” tend to run in families. As such, many of us know of that one family with most or all of its members over 6 feet. For families like this, it’s often a good idea to have taller countertops. This helps prevent bad posture and back issues, among other things. Additionally, it’s just more convenient in general. So, if your family is the “tall family,” think about having your countertops built higher than average. 

The same goes for shorter families

Of course, the same thing goes for shorter families or family members. Basically, making your countertops fit your needs and those of your family is what’s important, whether you’re short, tall, in a wheelchair, or otherwise. 

A word about childproofing

Picking fruits over the counter

Having small children in your home is another reason to think about the height of your countertops. Typically, you don’t need to change the height of a countertop for a child. Instead, you should think about childproofing your countertops. Why? Well, many countertops are at just the right height for a small child to hit his or her head on them. Rather than changing the height of your countertops to avoid this, simply childproof them by buying edge or corner guards made for countertops. 

Your convenience is what’s most important

In the end, what’s most important is your convenience. If you’re 6’4” and you prefer a higher countertop, go for it! If you prefer a more standard countertop height, that’s okay too. Customizing different aspects of your countertops (height, thickness, etc.) is one of the best ways to enjoy everything you do in the comfort of your home!