Beach houses and vacation homes are a big part of relaxation and refreshment, and the homes we’re going to feature today are great examples of this type of comfort. Even better, these homes include beautiful stone countertops that take this style to the next level. Luxury and comfort join together here, and we aren’t sure it gets much better than that!

Beach & vacation homes often go hand-in-hand

These two types of homes often go hand-in-hand for obvious reasons. Plenty of vacation homes are on the beach, and many of them adhere to a beach house look. Obviously, there’s due to be some overlap between the two styles, as you’ll see from the houses we’ll look at.

House #1: A gorgeous beach home in Florida

First of all, this gorgeous beach home in Florida is the epitome of relaxed luxury. Of course, the stone countertops found throughout this house are a part of its beautiful design. A walkthrough of its rooms is definitely in order!

Kitchen & living room

A marble island steals the show in this beautiful kitchen. The countertops are the same type of smooth marble – they look like a great place to prepare snacks for a fun day at the beach!

This cute stone coffee table is the perfect way to keep the beachy look going in the living room. Not only does it provide a central point for the room, it’s also a good place to put fun decor and for friends and family to set down their drinks.

A few other stone accents in the living room – in this case, an end table and a bench near the window – are the perfect way to go even further with the beach theme. 

Wine cellar, bathrooms, and bedrooms

Not every day is a day to go to the beach. Sometimes it rains, and sometimes you just don’t want to deal with putting on sunscreen and washing sand out of your hair. For those times when its best to stay in and relax, this home has a wine cellar with a small kitchenette. The stone countertop helps create a luxurious look in this basement!

The stone countertops in the bathrooms are simple but functional and beautiful.

And several other rooms of the house also include touches of stone that help bring elegance to its design.

House #2: Beach house in Hawaii

Another beach house, this one in Hawaii, looks like the perfect place to spend a summer. Its design is modern, which means it includes stone countertops! 

Dark gray countertops provide a striking contrast with the beautiful wood in the kitchen. 

With an open, modern design, the bathroom is a perfect addition to this modern beach house. While they’re light instead of dark this time, these countertops also play a big part in creating a contrast with the wood in the design.

House #3: A vacation home with a beach design

This house is a vacation home, and it definitely lives up to its name. As you can see, the countertops are a big part of its attractive theme. 

The refreshing design of this kitchen centers around the stone kitchen island. Additionally, the kitchen countertops of the same color are a nice touch for this room. 

The luxurious bathroom also includes beautiful countertops that really make this room’s whole design. 

Even the laundry room of this vacation house contains sleek stone countertops. Talk about committing to a style – this home goes the extra mile!

Transform your home into whimsical beach house

A dreamy beach house is a great place to relax and unwind. Why not get the same look and feel in your own home? And if you currently have the beach theme in your home, be sure to add that touch of luxury with stone countertops!