There are plenty of stone countertop types to create a stunning kitchen. And even once you zero in on the kind of stone you want, you can still personalize its features to fit with your space. Likely you already know you can choose the color of granite you want, but did you know that you can also choose your preferred edge profile? Edges can be rounded, squared, or even designed with a rustic/rough edge. Pencil edge granite is one option, so let’s take a closer look at it. 

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Not surprisingly, even once we narrow our playing field to pencil edge granite, we haven’t run out of options for personalizing. There are several ways to go with the countertop edge, as you’ll notice below. To help you learn more about this great edging option, let’s imagine some questions you might have.

Will a pencil edge be more rounded than an eased edge?

Yes, generally speaking, a pencil edge may be slightly more rounded than an eased edge. Take a look at the difference between the two. (However, read on to discover these two types are not always as different as you might think.) 

Think of a pencil edge profile as a slightly rounded corner on the top edge of your slab (or on both the top and the bottom edges). Now, between those two slightly rounded edges, imagine a flat surface. The basic idea here is your countertop fabricator has slightly softened or rounded the top (and maybe the bottom) edges, without giving the countertop as a whole a completely rounded profile.   

Is a pencil edge very different from an eased edge? 

Actually, when talking about how different these two edge profiles are, our answer is—it depends. Again, you can see a slight difference in these countertop edge profile visuals from the Marble Institute of America. If you’ve taken the time to look at diagrams of the different edge types elsewhere, you may have noticed that some pencil edges look more square, like an eased edge, and some look more rounded.

There’s variation in what the different edge terminology means to different fabricators. Bottom line—your best bet is to ask your countertop specialist for a visual, whether that means a diagram or a chance to look at actual stone with those edges. 

Is a pencil edge rounded on the top only?

Actually, a pencil edge can be rounded on just the top or on both the top and the bottom. As you may have noticed in the graphic linked to above, there’s the pencil round and the double pencil round. Aside from aesthetic considerations, ask your stone specialist how you could expect this to affect liquid spills. You may find that if the pencil edge is only on the top, the liquid drips over the edge and straight down. However, if both top and bottom are round, liquid might also cling to the underside of the stone—and even get diverted onto cabinet faces.  

Can I have pencil edge granite in one part of my kitchen and a different edge in another part?

Certainly, you can have different edge profiles on different pieces. This DC kitchen with an island is an example of that. The island has a different edge profile than the rest of the kitchen. Let’s say you’ve selected an intricate edge profile for your own island since it will be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Then, choosing a simple double pencil as that home did could be a great solution if you’re looking for a straightforward edge to balance out the more complicated one. 

Additionally, keep in mind that if you’re worried about chipping, you can ask your specialist about varying the stone edge in a higher risk area of the kitchen. For instance, some people may want to have a different edge profile at the sink than at other spots.  

Can my granite have a triple pencil edge?

Surprisingly, yes you can have a triple pencil edge. However, if a double pencil round is an edge with slight rounding on the top and the bottom, you may be wondering about what a triple pencil edge even is. Turns out that some call the layered look of this island a triple pencil edge. But to others, it’s known simply as a “waterfall.”

Granite everywhere for everyone

Remember that pencil edge granite isn’t limited to use in your home’s kitchen or bathroom. Actually, you can use granite in a commercial environment as well. Check out 5 Ways Stone Countertops Can Make Your Office Look More Professional. Or take a look at Choosing Countertops To Meet Commercial Kitchen Design Guidelines.