Industrial style homes are elegant and comfortable, and stone countertops are a good way to add to this look. Not sure if stone countertops are right for your industrial design? A walkthrough of some industrial homes might help you make a decision.

Industrial design: not quite minimalist

Industrial design is sometimes compared to the well-known minimalist style. However, industrial design is a different look entirely. While it embodies some of the stark colors and themes of minimalism, it also includes luxury and high-end elements. Obviously, stone countertops are a luxurious addition to any house, which makes them a great choice for industrial homes.

Stately industrial design

This industrial home is in Moscow, Russia. Its design is already so stately that it hardly needs any help, but the stone it features in several rooms is definitely a nice touch. 

The sleek black countertops in the kitchen really help take the look of the room up a notch. This kitchen wouldn’t be nearly as upscale without them! 

The dining room table is gorgeous – it’s a thick slab of what looks like marble. It’s a great way to create a central focus for the room and provide a classy dining atmosphere for friends and family. 

Small touches of stone in the office room help maintain the elegant look in this home. Even better, the small stone fireplace and stone-topped end table are both perfect ways to add to the industrial style without going too far. 

This bathroom features beautiful stone floors. Additionally, the walk-in shower is completely made of stone. It doesn’t get much more upscale than this! 

Industrial home in Belarus

Another inspiring example of an industrial home is in Minsk, Belarus. This one is a little more welcoming than the last. Its design features more wood and warmer accents. 

Smooth, black, and minimalist, the countertops in this cozy kitchen are a perfect way to maintain its industrial vibe. 

The unique stone fireplace in this home is a great way to make a statement. Taking up a whole wall, it brings the style of this living room to a different level, putting comfort and warmth into this industrial design. 

A walk-in closet with stone countertops is another nice touch in this home. 

The bathroom is as dressy as the rest of the house. The vanity and walk-in shower both contain plenty of smooth stone. 

Finally, the office space of this industrial home features a glossy black countertop that’s professional and stylish. 

Two industrial homes that feature stone

These two industrial homes feature plenty of stone between the two of them. The first one is a sophisticated home that’s the perfect place for some elegant marble. 

As you can see, this kitchen showcases beautiful gray marble countertops and a waterfall island. In addition, a marble backsplash pulls the whole design together. 

The bathroom also features gray stone. Both the vanity and the walk-in shower are a beautiful example of what happens when stone has a prominent place in a home. 

Second home

The second home we’re going to look at here is just as beautiful as the first, and it contains a little stone in its design as well. 

This kitchen has a floating countertop, an island, and a table, each one featuring smooth stone in its design. 

Are stone countertops right for your industrial home? 

After a good look at four industrial style homes with stone countertops, hopefully you can decide for yourself whether stone countertops are right for your home – industrial or otherwise! Even if your home has a modern style rather than an industrial one, stone countertops are still a good choice. The important thing is making sure you choose the type of countertops that are right for your home.