Modern homes and their stone countertops are the inspiring topic of today’s article. Even if modern design doesn’t describe the look in your home, don’t leave just yet! You might find that the stone countertops in these pictures inspire you to incorporate some modern elements in your own home. And of course, if you love modern design, then we know you’ll love what we have to share today! 

Modern home that’s big enough for the whole family

This home combines wood and stone into a beautiful design that has enough space for the whole family. Of course, our favorite parts of the home are the countertops: the kitchen, bathroom, office, and some of the bedrooms feature nice countertops. 

The kitchen is a great place to start. It features stone countertops as well as a waterfall island that looks like it could be marble. What a stylish way to prepare food! 

This room looks like a contemporary office space with an ultra-modern take on the typical office desk. Instead of an everyday wooden desk, it offers a long stone slab next to the window, creating a well-lit workspace. 

Each of these bedrooms has a workspace similar to the one in the office room. Spacious and durable, these countertops provide plenty of room for schoolwork, projects, or whatever else is on the agenda! 

There are several bathrooms in this home, but this one is our favorite with its luxurious stone sinks.

Another bathroom in the home features a white stone slab. The snow-white color of this countertop contrasts the wood theme of the bathroom very well.

Finally, the basement is home to a recreational area with its own graceful bar top. Brown stone blends well with the color scheme of this plain but elegant room. 

A modern home in the mountains

Located in the Colorado Rockies, this home is anything but your typical mountain home. While it does feature plenty of wood in its design, the rest of the home is less rustic and more modern in style. Of course, the stone countertops help with this. 

In the kitchen, white stone countertops help put together this modern but still welcoming design. In addition, the kitchen island centralizes its color scheme. 

Peering into the kitchen a little further, we find an adorable little window seat with a booth and table. The tabletop matches the stone of the countertops. 

The master bathroom of this mountain home looks like a great place to pamper yourself at the end of a long day. Its modern stone countertops and floors, both white, are a big part of the bathroom’s design and color scheme. 

And the gorgeous basement features a stone countertop as well. Our guess is that plenty of fun family evenings are spent down here! 

Arizona home

This modern home is in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The two-toned kitchen is classy and contemporary with dark cabinetry and countertops and a lighter floor and island. While we love the look of the dark countertops, we have to admit that the gorgeous kitchen island really takes the cake in this kitchen. Its color and pattern are a striking contrast to the rest of the room. 

Moving on, the bathroom of this house doesn’t disappoint either! It’s a spacious, classy bathroom with a walk-in shower that features beautiful gray stone. 

Stone countertops are a mainstream part of modern design

Stone countertops are such a central part of modern home design nowadays that it’s hard to have a modern home without them. For many people, a modern home design wouldn’t be complete without stone countertops. So, whether you prefer stone just in the kitchen or in every room of the house, stone countertops can be incorporated in a variety of ways. They’re just one more way to stay on-trend and create a classy, contemporary home!