Just like most parts of your home, your countertops say something about your personality. You might be wondering, “What can countertops actually say about me as a person?!” Well, we’d like to share with you just how much someone can tell about you from those stone slabs in your kitchen. Of course, there’s always a chance you aren’t a typical lover of a certain kind of stone, but we think you’ll probably find yourself on this list! 

Stone Countertop slabs in warehouse

Does it really matter? 

Does it matter what people think of you based on your countertops? Of course not! So, just have fun while you take a look at our ideas about countertops and personalities.


Granite countertops are practical, mainstream, and long-lasting. If you have granite in your home, you’re a down-to-earth, practical person who enjoys getting your money’s worth. But it’s not all about practicality – you’re also in love with the mainstream modern style granite offers. 


A home with marble countertops is graceful and classy. Most likely, that’s your favorite thing about your marble countertops – the inherent elegance they provide. You’re a person who enjoys staying on-trend and keeping your home that way as well, even to the point of investing plenty of money into your countertops. 


If you have quartzite countertops, chances are you’re a “meet-in-the-middle” person. You can’t imagine your home without smooth, beautiful marble countertops, but you need the durability of granite. You’re both practical and trendy, and that makes quartzite the perfect choice for you. 


A less common choice that’s still pretty popular, soapstone has a rustic look to it that many countertops don’t offer. If you go with soapstone countertops for your home, you’re a bit of an outlier, someone who wants unique countertops. You’ve made a good choice for your home, however – soapstone is both durable and beautiful. 


Most likely, you’re a person who’s looking for a way to say “I care about investing in my home design,” if you have lava countertops. You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to commit to it for a long time. Indeed, the benefits of a lava countertop are worth a lasting commitment! 

Engineered stone

Engineered stone (often known simply as “quartz”) is just pieces of quartz held together with resin, creating an extremely durable countertop. If you have engineered stone countertops, you’re a person who always chooses durability and beauty without the price tag of a stone countertop. Most likely, you’re a busy person who has other things to focus on besides granite or marble. And hey, we get it – sometimes, life gets too busy to worry about your countertops! 

Stainless steel

A hallmark of industrial kitchens, stainless steel countertops are where it’s at for some homeowners. If your home features steel countertops, you’re definitely a homeowner who values cleanliness over looks. Of course, stainless steel isn’t ugly, but it’s known for its cleanliness more than its trendiness. 


Like soapstone, concrete is a fairly unique choice. Chances are you enjoy a minimalistic way of life if you’ve chosen this countertop. Concrete’s sleek gray surface is a perfect addition to a home with minimal colors and furnishings. 


What does a wood countertop say about your personality? First of all, you’re probably focusing on a natural theme in your home. A wood countertop is just one more way to fill out that theme. Second, there’s a good chance you’re trying to keep your home environmentally friendly. If so, props to you –  wood countertops are a great way to do this. 

Which one are you?

So, which personality are you? Does your personality match your countertop? If not, no need to worry. We’re sure that whatever countertop you’ve chosen is still perfect for you!