Stone countertops are luxurious and expensive, which means there are certain things you shouldn’t do on them. “What kinds of things?” you might be asking. While there’s definitely plenty of things you can add to this list, we’ve come up with some general tips for what not to do on or to your stone countertops. 

#1: Don’t chop food directly on your countertops

Yes, stone countertops are very durable. In fact, they’re more durable than most types of countertops. However, it still isn’t a good idea to use knives directly on a countertop. Instead, you should always use a thick cutting board for chopping food to avoid scratching your countertops.

Cutting boards

Cutting Boards by Michael Hession via The Wire Cutter

In addition, using knives directly on a countertop is a great way to dull them. So, for the sake of your knives, countertops, and personal sanity, use cutting boards!

#2: Don’t work with raw meat directly on countertops

You should avoid working with raw meat directly on your countertops as well. While stone countertops store less bacteria than other countertops, it’s still possible that they’ll store some. When that happens, raw meat is one of the worst culprits. Cover your countertop with saran wrap or use a cutting board to keep this from happening.

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#3: Don’t sit or stand on your countertops

Kitchen countertops are just the right height to sit on (or to set your kids on while you straighten their clothes and hair.) While this may seem like a good idea, in reality, you shouldn’t sit or stand on your countertops, or let your kids sit on them. Stone countertops are strong and durable, but they won’t hold up under too much pressure. 

#4: Don’t put on a performance on your countertops

What’s even worse than sitting/standing on your countertops? Putting on a performance on them. No matter how tempting it is to show off your dance moves for your friends during party night, getting up on your countertops to do so is still a bad idea. It might cost you money in the long run, and it’s not very safe! (Apparently, nobody told the waiters from “Polar Express” that.)

#5: Don’t wait to clean up messes

Most stone countertops are very stain-resistant. However, if you wait too long to clean up food or liquid spills, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with stains. This is especially true if you’ve spilled something acidic on your countertop. Acidic foods and drinks are common causes of countertop stains. 

#6: Don’t stage pranks that involve countertops

It’s hard to resist staging pranks on your family and friends sometimes – after all, the reactions you get are usually hilarious! We aren’t saying you should stop your favorite pranks altogether by any means, but consider keeping pranks (and any potential after-effects) far away from your countertops. There are endless ways in which a prank staged around a countertop can go wrong and end up costing you time and money. 

Glass on marble countertop

#7: Don’t let pets on your countertops

Look, we get it – your pets are adorable and you want to let them up on your countertops sometimes. And if you do every once in a while, it’s probably not a big deal. Still, you probably shouldn’t let them jump up on your countertops all the time. Pets carry bacteria, and they can also leave behind scratches, stains, and plenty of nearly-invisible hairs. So, just use discretion in how much you allow them on your countertops. 

#8: Don’t use countertops for your cute moments

We already mentioned that you shouldn’t sit or stand on your countertops, but this is worth mentioning as well. Your countertops sound like a fun, playful place to kiss your partner goodbye before they leave for work in the morning – maybe you’ve seen a cute movie moment where the main character does this – but once again, it’s a great way to damage stone countertops. Besides, there are better places to enjoy cute moments with your significant other! 

Enjoy your countertops

Fortunately, there are many more things you can do on your countertops than things you can’t. Cooking, crafting, eating family meals – they’re all wonderful parts of life that your countertops play a part in. So, in reality, there are only a few things to worry about! Enjoy life, and enjoy your countertops while you’re at it!