As a business owner, you want the best for your company. Obviously, this means making sound choices financially and cultivating good relationships with clients and customers. Plus, your commitment to your business can include prioritizing aesthetic elements too. This could range from the design of your logo to the design of your brick and mortar office space. And today we’re making the case for more than bricks and mortar—we’re arguing your office should incorporate natural stone.

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Natural stone & overnight stays

For a hotel, natural stone makes sense. It can add a level of quality to an entry area. Plus, having natural stone in the individual guest suites could certainly lend class to your guest experience.

Exactly how a hotelier incorporates natural stone could certainly vary, just as hotels themselves vary. For instance, if you were the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, you could find multiple locations for natural stone. There’s potential to use this top-quality countertop option in some suites (see Ultimate Suite Luxury—photo 20/68). Plus, the hotel realizes the value of natural stone, even in an area as mundane as the restroom. They describe “spacious guest bathrooms, boasting marble countertops.” (photo 7/68)

Use natural stone to create a simultaneously inviting and upscale experience for your guests. Try to make it a place where they feel well taken care of. Certainly, you want them to truly enjoy their stay and to return again.  

A countertop or other surface could seem like an obscure detail. However, individual details work together to create the “whole picture” of your guest’s experience. Aim for an excellent one.

Natural stone & co-working office space

Are you a real estate developer tapping into the potential of co-working office spaces? Consider using natural stone in your newest building. For instance, a light-colored natural stone like marble could beautifully complement light blue walls to create a refreshing space. Plus, engineer your area with as much living greenery as possible—perhaps with plant walls.

Open space office

Sleek and shiny, a dark (even black) natural stone could be used in an area with a more urban, industrial feel. This doesn’t mean you have to go all dark, though. Consider pairing with lighter-colored wood & darker iron accents. Plus, an open ceiling that reveals ductwork could also add to the aesthetic. For visual inspiration, turn to London’s De Beauvoir Block.

Natural stone for banks & businesses

Banks, too, could be prime recipients of natural stone. Considering the type of work banks do, they clearly need surfaces. And what better way to create solid, beautiful surfaces than with natural stone.

Of course, natural stone should also be on the table (metaphorically speaking) for high rise office buildings. Check out this Atlanta space for visual inspiration. Then, turn your own office space into something just as appealing to the eye with white natural stone. Or add a little more character (like the Atlanta building does with the restroom vanity).

Then there’s our very own job at the Dow Corning Business Services Center. The gray and white slabs meld well with their surroundings. Plus, they lend an upscale look. And we love the floating section on the left side. Yet, there’s wood also so the area isn’t overrun with too much of a good thing—namely, natural stone.  

Natural stone in your public restroom

As we’ve mentioned, you may find natural stone in restrooms. And if you’re in the middle of remodeling the restroom at your place of business, you might be weighing stone. As you make your decision, keep in mind that restrooms inherently involve plenty of water. So a bathroom countertop is a prime victim for splashes of the liquid.

Natural stone is a great option when you consider that it’s pleasing to the eyes. However, it’s good to know going into it that constant exposure to water and soap could change your countertop’s appearance over time. For instance, at the seam where the countertop meets the backsplash, you could notice discoloration.

Copper sink in bathroom

While this certainly doesn’t rule it out as an option, it may give you something good to review ahead of time with your countertop specialist. Ask for their insight on the best type of stone for high traffic, water-exposed areas like the bathroom.   

Make selections with thought

Whether you’re creating a new office space or simply redesigning and renovating your existing one, consider incorporating natural stone. Moreover, don’t do it haphazardly. Select natural stone whose type, style, and design integrate well with your other choices. Gather ideas with our article on How To Match Your Countertop With Your Color Palette & Style.