Any self-respecting householder knows that maintaining the items you’ve invested in comes with the homeowning territory. If you find yourself the owner of a quartz countertop, the situation is no different. So you might be wondering how to clean quartz countertops. Probably you’ve heard people talk about sealing stone countertops, so you’re wondering if you need to do that. And if so, how. 

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How to clean quartz countertops

The great news about quartz is that among your countertop options, it ranks quite high for ease of maintenance. Unlike some of the other options, you actually don’t have to seal quartz. And you don’t necessarily have to use a special cleaner, either. Still, you certainly have to clean it somehow—that is, if you want to keep your kitchen sanitary and tidy. So let’s take a look at some of your options.  

The completely easy & low-cost cleaner

Everyone likes it when cleaning is simple, right? Well, when it comes to how to clean quartz countertops, the simple method is our method of choice. Just use warm soapy water and a washcloth (a soft one, though). 

Natural ways to clean countertops

Don’t want harsh chemicals in your home or around your family? You’re not alone. Many people solve this problem by creating their own cleaning sprays with ingredients they’re comfortable with. Some use common household items like vinegar or baking soda to help with their cleaning. 

We don’t recommend that you use vinegar because of its acidity. However, there’s no clear consensus on this issue—so you might find cleaning recommendations that do include vinegar. Still, we suggest you either steer clear to be safe or check with the manufacturer about your particular stone.

If you’re dealing with staining, baking soda is one way to go. Mix it with water to form a paste. If you have your own homemade natural cleaner with multiple ingredients, research each ingredient to make sure it’s safe for quartz. Or, you can ask your stone’s manufacturer to be sure. 

Elbow grease is a completely natural (and free) option too. Use a pan scraper to scrape off obstinate, dried-on food. Of course, you might need more patience and tenderness than you need that elbow grease. Be gentle to avoid scratching the surface as you get the job done. (You can also try using a plastic putty knife). 

Disinfectant quartz countertop cleaner

Let’s face it—germs are nasty little things. And sometimes, you want a way to wage war against them on your kitchen surfaces. So, when you need to tackle microbes on your quartz countertop, why not turn to a disinfectant cleaner. For instance, something like Simple Green® CLEAN FINISH® Disinfectant Cleaner

Avoid using bleach on your quartz counters. Instead, find a disinfectant cleaner that’s safe for your quartz. 

How to clean quartz so it looks clean

One thing you don’t want when cleaning your quartz countertops is streaks and smears or a film. No one does. So how do you combat them for a clean quartz countertop that actually looks clean?

First, be thorough in your cleaning. While it sounds simplistic, it’s actually good to be reminded that if you superficially swipe a warm soapy washcloth over your surface, you might just smear the dirtiness around. If you notice that you still have food smears, go back through with the washcloth again. Simple, but important.

Second, you might find it useful to rinse after you’ve used the soapy washcloth. Yes, it’s an extra step, but if you’re finding that your cleansing pass with the washcloth leaves a soap scum trail, see if this helps. Try wiping the surface with water only.

Plus, try drying the counter after the soap and water treatment or after the water rinse. That may help cut down on the filmy appearance. Some say you can use glass cleaner to wash your quartz. But you may want to check with your manufacturer or specialist before you do because some contain ammonia which isn’t recommended for quartz. 

When you don’t need to clean

The very best kind of spill or stain to clean off a quartz countertop is the one that didn’t happen. That’s right, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. When it comes to prevention, using coasters is a great option. And wiping up spills as soon they occur is another helpful preventative measure. 

Iced drinks

How to clean quartzite

Quartz and quartzite are commonly confused. But they actually are different. Quartz is an engineered surface made of natural stone particles. 

Quartzite, on the other hand, is a natural stone formed from sandstone. Add heat and pressure and voila, you have a metamorphic stone. (Okay, it’s probably more complicated than that).

Cleaning quartzite 

When it comes to cleaning your quartzite, you can use a designated stone cleaner, if desired. But you can also opt for good ol’ fashioned dish detergent and water, as with quartz. Just go easy on it—mild detergent and a small amount. 

More to know about quartz for your countertops

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